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Friday, 16 August 2019 07:31

The Gobos for Fiorella Mannoia's Tour

Penelope never reconciled, she continued to wait, she never succumbed to the temptation of those who wanted to convince her to surrender or those who put themselves forward as a new husband. She continued with perseverance and optimism to think that he would come back. “This stubbornness and optimism are part of my character" - says Fiorella Mannoia in her interview on Radio Italia, explaining the meaning of the song “Penelope” from her new album “Personal”.

gobo fiorella mannoia carillon 2

One of six photographs taken by the Roman artist Goboservice was given the honour of being made into a gobo for the summer tour in May. This area of photography is a new frontier in which the singer and songwriter is evaluated: “It all started as a game,” she writes on her Facebook profile, “photography has become a real passion. The flame-haired singer throws herself into the front line, defending the rights of the weakest and most disadvantaged, including women, children and migrants. Hence the names of some of the photo shots: “Learning to be a woman”, "Repairs", "Meaning", "Resistance", "Carillon." Photos that speak and show the sentiments of everyday life.

gobos mannoia il senso

This work was entrusted to Goboservice by Agorà Srl, the sound and lighting design company in charge of a very long tour that will end on October 27 in Bologna. Goboservice graphic designers were well aware of the role gobos would play in the show: not as a simple decorative element, but an intensification of the artist's communicative passion. The high-performance Vari-Lite VL4000 fixtures were used to project the strong emotional power that Fiorella Mannoia conveys every time she enters the stage. And they had to do it from various distances and angles, depending on where the event took place.

It was a challenge for the young creative team of experts from Reggio Calabria to compete with the resulting photographic images. One of them explains: “We had to work very carefully with the high resolution files provided by Agorà in order to transfer the shades of the image to the coating with the correct intensity and at the same time remove the initial pixels.”
It was painstaking work engraving four greyscale gobos and two full-colour ones, one of which is intentionally out of focus, first chromatically, and then with the laser. There was as much initial uncertainty as there were external doubts. This was indicated by Daniele De Santis, Agorà - Lighting Manager, who was responsible for the processing of thin glass filters and projection control: “In general, I can say that I am very, very pleased with the result. I did not hide my initial skepticism when I found out about a project developed by lighting designer Francesco De Cave. My biggest doubt was the resolution of the image. On tour, the distances from the projector to the screen would be different every time, so I knew that I needed to constantly work with zoom and focus. And that was exactly what bothered me! What guarantee would there be that when I zoom the image, the resolution won’t be lost, details won't be lost? A very high risk at the start of the tour.”

Hence the need to carefully work with image resolution and check the details of each photo on the gobo which is then used with a wideaperture lens, scenically prepared by Tekset, in order to avoid unpleasant shadows or spots. And instead, as De Santis continues, “from the preparation process, we immediately saw an excellent result. A clear sharp, image.
The tour turned out to be important confirmation that a combination of a bespoke quality gobo and a good projector is a powerful and sustainable means of communication: “The organisers did not want installation with an ordinary giant LED as a backdrop as it would not be economically viable for a theatre tour. We have found a great alternative!”

Thanks to Daniele Da Santis for the photos taken during the rehearsals and the concert.

The small LED projector with only 200W is capable of large projections with clear, bright images. In this case a 20-metre University of Paris logo was requested for projecting onto the facade of the Faculty of Medicine.

The customer's requests were precise and detailed both in terms of required result and positioning of the projector. The Goboservice technical office was able to size the gobo and calculate the necessary image distortion, as the projector was misaligned with respect to the centre of the projection. The end result was highly appreciated by both the public and the university presidency

 projection logo gobos projectors divum30k goboprojection projectors goboservice led

Below is a table comparing the performance of the Divum 30k with other devices from an energy perspective:









consumo annuo

considerando 5 ore di

accensione giornaliere

vita lampada

costo annuo

sostituzione lamapada

costo totale in

5 anni

DIVUM 30K divum projector  200   34.000  11.027  0,63  1.480,00€  722,04€  50.000  -€  2.202,04€


 31400    157.000  100  200.000,00€  114.610,00€  100.000  -€  314.610,00€



 videoproiettore 1000     10.000  3,14  11.000,00€  3.644,60€  20.000  -€  14.644,60€



DA 2500W

 projectors  2500  193.000  21.800  7  3.900,00€  8.022,70€  800  360,00€  13,722,70€


 request of customer gobos logo projection goboservice paris projectors divum30k


Wednesday, 22 May 2019 07:10

Gobo mapping project "Sogno o son d'Este"

15 Golive400, Golux1000 and Golux600 were installed around the Rocca di Vignola (Mo) for an ambitious project involving the virtual restoration of the walls. The project was promoted by the Vignola Foundation, and meant that, from July to December 2018, the numerous visitors to the castle could appreciate the frescoes as they would have originally looked, colours included. The initiative is part of a broader project entitled "Sogno o son d'Este" which aims to "bring to light and spread the figurative complex that characterised numerous architectures in various places linked to the Casa d’Este".

1st Step Vignola Virtual

2st Step Vignola Virtual

The operation was based on historical  study and research work combined with accurate technical and scientific investigations (including 3D laser scanner surveys of buildings, architectural orthophotos made with drones and detailed orthophotos obtained with the gigapixel technique). It required the creation of numerous gobos for both the initial mapping phase and the final projections.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 07:02

Golux in Gae Aulenti's square

4 Golux 1000s were used to illuminate Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan during the promotional event wanted by Esselunga during the last Christmas holidays. The plays of light and moving colours have aroused curiosity and admiration on the part of the dwellers and visitors flowing into the most glamorous place in Milan.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 06:53

Spoilers of "The Game of Thrones"


At the beginning of the transmission of the sequel to one of the most anticipated programs of the year, the PLAY International association has decided to exploit the event for a campaign of great impact and so in collaboration with Publicis Conseil and Prodigious, has chosen to raise awareness among the spectators by proposing just what they would not want: using a Golux 1000 gobo projector  the spoilers  of "The Game of Thrones"  were projected on various emblematic places of  Paris, accompanied by a catchphrase: "If your program has been killed, it's to let you know that inactivity kills ". PLAY International is an NGO that deals with spreading sports activity especially among young people. The NGO reminds us that "today, physical inactivity and sedentary life are the fourth highest risk factor for death in the world according to the WHO. There are 3 million deaths a year that can be avoided! Even in France we spend too much time sitting or lying down, largely due to the time spent in front of the screen, whichi n 10 years has increased from around 3 hours a day to just over 5 hours! Due to their sedentary lifestyle, the current generation could become the first to have a shorter life than the previous generation".

Ermenegildo Zegna has chosen the Milan Central Station to present their autumn winter 2019-2020 collection. The location was not chosen by chance; “in a world where borders continue to close - said artistic director Alessandro Sartori - I felt the need to support the power of openness and multiplicity through my role as fashion designer ". Not only the location, but the collection itself designed for "a multicultural generation of world citizens is my concrete answer to what I see and hear". A place of arrivals and departures, but also of integration and acceptance of diversity to be the backdrop for the fashion show, which opened Milano Men’s Fashion. While the fashion shows took place in the atrium of the station, the exterior was livened up with 20 Golux 1000s that projected the logo and coloured the entire front facade in blue.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 06:48

Gobos from London to Santiago de Chile

Goboservice gobos are the only gobos  that can be used in the most powerful moving heads on the market today such as Claypaky Mythos and Robe MegaPointe, as happened on the occasion of two major public events: the launch of the last film of the Transformers saga in Santiago de Chile and the Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 06:46

Divum for Somfy's 50th Anniversary

A Led gobo Projector Divum 30KR was used to project the logo onto the central office building  of the world leader in home automation based in Cluses, France. The project on this important occasion, carried out by LTBL and Vendredi 4, fully met the expectations of the prestigious client.  As stated by Benjamin Petit from LTBL: "I am happy with the Divum, after 1 month outside it still looks like new even after torrential rains and snow. The brightness is really good especially for the LED "

Friday, 10 May 2019 08:07

Goboservice's team graphics

What exactly is behind a gobo or a dynamic effect? One of Goboservice’s strengths is a team of graphic designers who take care to carefully transform every single idea into a brilliant project. In an operating sector with high technological and standardized content, such as that of image processing, the human component is the factor which makes the difference.

Friday, 10 May 2019 08:05

Divum debuted in a fairytale park

The first batch of new Divum projectors has passed the cold test..…with flying colours! The Lithuanian agency Baltas Daznis put their trust in Goboservice to create a highly evocative scenario in collaboration with the Creative Dock agency, and they weren’t disappointed.

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