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Antireflections gobo

Not everything is as it seems, especially when dealing with lights, shadows and reflections.For example, take a look at the following picture which shows the…

HID Lamps

High intensity discharge lamps or HID lamps are made of a discharge tube (generally of quartz glass) inside which there is a rare gas.

The ballast

Discharge lamps need auxiliary electronics for supplying the correct voltages of ignition, and for regulating the electric flow inside the bulb during normal operation.

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Fifa Wolrd Cup Gobo

Today the group stage of the World Cup has come to an end. Could we ever miss the most important media event of the year?…

Goboservice on Instagram. Always more social

From Trentino and Lombardy through central Italy and stretching as far as Sicily and Puglia, the year which is about to end sees a huge…

Golux invades the French capital

Golux, a new series of Gobo Projector made by Goboservice, recently debuted internationally in Paris, projecting gobos on architectural works such as La Tour Eiffel,…