Goboservice in Germania

We are happy and proud to announce the achievement of an exclusive distribution agreement for the sale of GOBOSERVICE gobos and lighting solutions in Germany with the company LTH Das Lichttechnikhaus Vertriebs GmbH, an established 360 ° lighting supplier based in Gunzburg. The agreement was born as a direct result of the new commercial strategy of GOBOSERVICE and will be followed alongside LTH by the International Sales Director Giuseppe Dedola and the Sales Specialist Luca Leda Reichardt with the common goal of achieving the ambitious goals of expansion and commercial growth of the brand in the German territory.

LTH has been active on the market for over 25 years and is a well-known and respected company in the German lighting scene. Its experienced and dynamic team, made up of highly qualified professionals and led by General Manager and Key Account Chief Daniela Bordan, always strives to implement innovative solutions through a widespread service and management in all the different phases of each project. LTH will work closely with architects, technical consultants and industry professionals to ensure that the advantages and characteristics of the proposed solutions are fully understood and implemented in the best way.

We are confident that this partnership is a great step towards the expansion and growth desired by GOBOSERVICE in Germany and wish our new partners every success in this challenging task!

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