celebration day goboservi9ce 20 anni di immagini e colori

On September 30, at the Tadini Academy in Lovere, “Celebration Day” was held, a day in which, together with our partners, who arrived from all over Italy and Europe, and our collaborators, we wanted to retrace 20 years of images and colors with an eye firmly turned to the future without, however, losing sight of those ethical and professional values at the basis of the entrepreneurial philosophy that directs the company’s choices on a daily basis. Starting in the south of Italy, we have come to color every area of the world and every surface thanks to the work of the women and men who make up Goboservice and an unconventional innovative spirit that has meant being at the forefront of several strategic choices.

The day was rich in content, human and technical, exchange and discussion, sharing new paths for common growth, friendship and laughter, ideas and good humor.

Together with Goboservice’s speeches, prestigious guests from different origins and backgrounds took the stage including Professor Vincenzo Sansone, an exponent of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and the University of Milan, visual designer, visual artist, author, researcher and expert in the mapping technique, who offered an interesting perspective on the new frontiers of this interesting technique and Dr. Pierfrancesco Brunelli, a high-level manager in both industrial and artistic environments, who shared a reflection on what decorative lighting has meant and means on a social and community level, as well as on an economic level. The Mayor of Lovere, Alex Pennacchio, patron of the event, and Councillor Sara Raponi, head of the project “Il Borgo della Luce” of which Goboservice is a technical partner, also brought their greetings.

In the early afternoon, Dr. Marco Albertario, Director of the Academy, led guests on a tour of the precious Tadini Stele, a work by Canova kept in the Academy, in which light, once again, is the protagonist.

All this and more was “Celebration Day,” the first 20 years of Goboservice as a launching pad for a future full of images and colors.

We would like to thank once again our partners who were present in person and those who sent us expressions of affection from a distance as they were unable to attend, the City of Lovere for sponsoring the event, and the Tadini Academy for their hospitality.

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