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On November 30th, a pivotal moment unfolded at Goboservice’s headquarters in Italy, welcoming Warehouse Safety Solutions by Meon, our exclusive partner for projected safety markings. This significant visit, marking a profound milestone in our collaborative journey, saw the esteemed presence of Bert and Graham Spencer, Board members of Warehouse Safety Solutions, Luca De Franco and Mario Suraci, Directors of Goboservice by Sunland Optics, and Giuseppe Dedola, International Sales Director of the company.

Amid shared aspirations and unwavering commitment, Goboservice was honoured to receive the prestigious “Gold” certification in Warehouse Safety Solutions’ Vendor Reward Programme. This exceptional achievement is a testament to our steadfast dedication, relentless pursuit of excellence, and consistent high performance.
The “Gold” certification signifies more than mere recognition; it embodies the depth of trust, synergy and mutual respect between Goboservice and Warehouse Safety Solutions. It represents the culmination of tireless efforts, a collaborative spirit and a joint vision for unparalleled service delivery. 
Goboservice has demonstrated exceptional performance across various crucial criteria, ensuring reliable lead times, efficient deliveries, unparalleled technical expertise, and unwavering commercial support. Each facet of our partnership has contributed significantly to Warehouse Safety Solutions’ sustained growth ans success in the market. 
Aligned with Warehouse Safety Solutions’ outstanding achievements in 2023, Goboservice’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and support fortifies the foundation for an incredibly promising and exciting future together.
Goboservice extends heartfelt gratitude to Warehouse Safety Solutions by Meon for their unwavering trust, support, and belief in our capabilities. This “Gold” certification serves as a catalyst, propelling us forward into an era of even greater achievements, unparalleled collaborations and shared success stories.
Though headquartered in Italy, Goboservice stands as a global beacon of excellence, championing collaboration and redefining benchmarks of success in warehouse safety solutions.
segnaletica di sicurezza Goboservice 2024 Vendor Certificate

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