On February 20, 2024, Goboservice welcomed a special guest to its corporate facility. Rafal Korszeń, Owner of “Newled,” was received at the premises of the legal and production headquarters of Goboservice, meeting with the managers of the company and the entire team present in the individual operational units.

“Newled,” a specialist in LED lighting, is an important partner for the distribution on the Polish market of projectors and gobos made by Goboservice.

The two businesses have been linked by close cooperation and interaction in the field of art and architectural projections for more than 2 years.

The meeting with Rafal Korszeń was an opportunity to intensify, deepen and share the assets and mutual potential of two companies that are distant in territory but strongly close in planning concrete goals and results.

The visit of the Owner of “Newled” offered the opportunity for discussion and growth in the perspective of new mission for the expansion of two motivated and cohesive partner companies.

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