Close to the Christmas holidays, Goboservice introduces itself to the world of power LED projectors with a product with unique and innovative features: the DIVUM Goboprojector.

It is a tool designed to meet the needs of Installers and Service, ensuring very high lighting performance in line with our strict company standards.

“Each projector we design – explains Pietro Martino, referent for the R&D sector – represents a special project. It must be able to say something new to its target market by responding to specific market needs. In fact, we always start from the analysis of the requests of our customers all over the world, from South Korea to Japan, from the United States to France that operate in the Advertising-arching, that particular lighting sector that enhances the architectural elements for promotional events. and communication. The requests have given shape to a simple projector, to be used even outdoors without the need for special additional accessories, small and light, which can be easily mounted even on lighting poles. An instrument capable of guaranteeing maximum brightness at an affordable price “.

From these indications DIVUM was born, the new projector that already in the suggestion of the name (from the Latin “Cielo”) recalls its main feature: usability without rainproof accessories. It wasn’t an easy challenge for Sunland Optics’ very young R&D team, but in the end, the result is beyond expectations.

Here are the salient features:

  • Latest generation COB High Efficiency LED [ɸ = 30.800lumen CCT = 6500K]
  • Highly uniform light beam
  • Photo quality optics [Apertura 31°]
  • Interchangeable Accessory [Disco Animazione per Effetti Dinamici o Rotazione Gobo]
  • Small size [43x23x36,5cm]
  • Reduced weight [12kg]
  • Ideal for outdoor use [Grado di Protezione IP54]

Ready to give light to your emotions!

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