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Thanks to the collaboration with Experience Lab (group company Valica) and through the intervention of the partner Electro Design Signum 75-watt and Divum 50k projectors are accompanying the review Borgo DiVino on tour, which combines the elegance of 20 Italian Historical Centers with the taste of the finest identity products starting with wine.

The traveling event started at the end of April from Egna, a small jewel in the mountains of South Tyrol, and will conclude in Venosa, Basilicata, on the first weekend of November. A timeline to follow on social channels and the dedicated internet page in which to discover and enjoy a fascinating sequence of alleys, churches, noble palaces, city walls, towers and fortresses.

Borghi più Belli d'Italia-Goboservice

Photos taken from the fb page Borghi DiVino on tour

It is in this distinctive context that the innovative format, now in its fourth edition with a great ability to aggregate productive resources that generate sharing experiences, fits.

Amid tastings, educational tours and slow-paced, goblet-in-hand explorations, the beams of light generated by the LEDs with which both the small Signum and the large Divum are equipped have already peeped into the first stages of the event.

Two complementary machines with which the event logos were reproduced in the most diverse environmental conditions in terms of distance and degree of ambient brightness. From the tiny squares of Egna to the mighty (and distant…) walls of the Bard Fortress in the Aosta Valley, the images etched on the gobos always appear sharp and impactful precisely because of the projection systems that characterize Goboservice projectors.

In the absence of prior logistical indications, being able to rely on a photographic zoom such as that of the Divum 50k, the widest in its category (from 8° to 52°), helped to optimize the projection by adapting it to the conditions present from time to time.

The journey now continues to the next stages among the hills of Veneto and the landscapes of Abruzzo and Friuli driven perhaps by the motto of the great painter Salvador Dali(True connoisseurs do not drink wine: they taste secrets) even more pregnant among the mysterious and ancient walls of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages.

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