grado di protezione IP54

Table Classification and Meaning IP Protection Grades

protection rating IP

In the field of outdoor lighting, IP65 has become a minimum standard.

A luminaire with IP65 or higher (IP66, IP67 or IP68), prevents the entry of dust and liquids because it is a system designed not to allow direct air exchange with the external environment. This is perfect in a device that does not require anopening for its use, such as in the case of street lamp lights, headlights, and architectural color changers. These devices, in fact, are “sealed” by the manufacturer in specific environment to ensure that inside of the hermetic body, the presence of moisture is minimized.


At a gobo projector-which necessarily must be open to be able to introduce gobos- IP65 or higher is not an appropriate standard because it results in condensation during the winter period. Byfacts, the moment the projector is opened to mount the gobo and then closed again, the air from the outside environment is “imprisoned” in the hermetic body of the projector. The ambient air can be very humid; this means that in the headlamp body may be there (depending on the environmental conditions in to which the opening occurred), a certain percentage of moisture (water vapor). As temperatures drop, vapor condenses at the coldest points, Creating fogging of optics. When the projector is turned on, the temperature inside the device go back up and condensation can return steam, eliminating fogging. However, the temperatures necessary for this to happen. In addition, the vapor still remains in the fixture body and recondenses as soon as the conditions of suitable temperature (reaching the dew point).

IP65 (or higher) degree of protection


IP54 degree of protection


Goboservice, after analyzing this phenomenon, decided to design outdoor gobo projectors so that a passage of air with the outside is guaranteed. The results achieved have made it possible to produce products that can prevent conditions for condensation to form on the optics. The IP54 degree of protection results in.
therefore the most appropriate standard for all those outdoor projection systems that need to be opened and closed, as it provides protection from rain or snow, preventing condensation.

The part of the fixture, on the other hand, that must not be opened, and in particular the power supplies, are made with IP65 or higher protection rating.

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