Today the group stage of the World Cup has come to an end. Could we ever miss the most important media event of the year? We, the company,  who even have a special section “Symbols & Sport” on our online store?

GoboService has been called by Martin Professional Middle East to make an indispensable technical contribution by producing a spectacular Full Colour gobo: “FIFA World Cup – Russia 2018”. During the global competition, nothing can be left to chance.  This is why GoboService was chosen, the company that guarantees absolute quality of the image,  and its gobo platinum, made with a special coating capable of withstanding the very high temperatures generated inside the operating projectors.

It required extremely detailed and complex work to reproduce the official logo of the competition designed by the Portuguese agency BrandiaCentral. The glass gobo contains the stylization of the World Cup with the colours of the Russian flag and national ornaments in red, gold, blue and black along with the rounded windows through which the stars glittering in the space can be seen.

The cup, waiting to physically rise in the hands of the players, with the contribution of GoboService will rise up even higher creating evocative images of the millions of sport lovers worldwide.