It is the more than gratifying the rating cetificated by “eKomi”, the feedback company which collects customers evaluations by means of a standardized SaaS software. 5 golden stars  but with stronger results in the French and German market, where peolple are more used to give critical feedback concerning online purchased products and services.

Real evaluations which only who bought Gobos, projectors and accessories in the Goboservice store or came in contact with our after-sale services can express using the appropriate link provided by e-mail at the end of the purchasing process.

For Goboservice the feedback of its customers is the main key through which it would like to monitor its growth.

This approach takes into account a more than consolidated data. In 2012, in the Global Trust in Advertising,  Nielsen already underlined the importance of customer and product reviews in e-commerce:”The 28 millions of online consumers active in 56 countries distributed around the 5 continents placed online reviews at the second place with the 70% of trusting (+15% in 4 years), besides the opinion of family members or friends”.

It is not a mere virtual reputation, but a real evaluation of  purchased products or services espressed in a full independent manner by the buyer and verified by “eKomi” staff, which analyses the reliability of the information reported in the evaluation form. A way of sharing satisfaction and, why not, critical opinions, useful to improve company results or to proof its own reliability in the web. In an evanescent reality like e-commerce, the consumer confidence is a main issue. Comments and reviews of people who experienced the service become essential reference points for potetial buyers.

Goboservice trusts in it and for this reason has relied on an independent certification agency, with a easy-to-use system. Thanks to it, customers have the possibility to tell their experience contributing to enhance sales reputation and performance.

The positive feedback of the market represents for Goboservice and incentive to go on with responsability and commitment on the road of quality and professionality.