Goboservice has entered the Ferrero house to collaborate on the 2016 Christmas commercial of the Rocher with the inviting and tasty title “Savor beauty”.

Four different outdoor locations with the symbolic monuments of Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples as a background and inspiration in the search for aesthetic classicism.

A single interior shot follows to lead the viewer back to the sweet chocolate wrapped in gold paper. The timeless perfection of Michelangelo’s David and Piazza del Plebiscito condensed in the mixture of hazelnut, cocoa and milk enjoyed by the guests of a reception that is both familiar and elegant.

Akita Film, the studio that created the commercial, used 2 Golive 400 projectors and as many gobos for the internal shots to help increase the magical atmosphere in which the party takes place. The static nature of the external monuments is counterpointed by the dynamism inside, with the glows projected on the walls that skilfully blend with the glitter of the golden paper.

The movement of the Christmas lights made in Goboservice, generated by the special dynamic effect of the small but powerful projectors, reverberated on the architectures and on the actors who animate the set. In this enchanted and seductive context, the crunchy chocolate praline takes center stage, virtually tickling the palate of the spectators.