proiezione mappata

The Irish town of Carlow, during the Halloween festivities, hosted a mapping whose projection was realized thanks to the expertise of Goboservice and the use of two Divum 50K projectors. The decision to use these specific devices was dictated by the appropriateness of adaptation to the site and the need to ensure the event, the highest quality images and performance. The mapped projection, on the elevation of the town’s town hall, was made by careful superimposition of drawings and artistic images. Thanks to the unique characteristics of the Divum 50Ks-especially efficient for remote and outdoor projections-it was possible to achieve appreciable results in terms of dynamism, precision and flexibility; for the occasion, the company adopted a notably sophisticated approach, through which the full-color gobos traced shapes and images perfectly harmonized, in terms of proportions and dimensions, with the geometric lines of the building.

mapping statico

The mapping was achieved thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the Irish corporate group “Fantasy Lights,” known to be one of the leading distributors specializing in the lighting sector; the input provided by “Fantasy Lights” was instrumental in the actual realization of the event: the company, in particular, intervened to take care of the correct positioning of the projectors, to ensure optimal maximization of the visual impact. At the outcome of the event, we feel we can argue that, beyond the magic of Halloween, the event was an opportunity to appreciate the unlimited potential of mapping and its versatility of use: whether for branding or events, mapping in fact offers endless creative opportunities and is not exclusively an occasion for entertainment related to festivities or holidays; it is also an experience that goes beyond entertainment, becoming cultural transposition, transformation of spaces and storytelling.