The GOLUX1000 gobo projector, the preferred model for large outdoor Christmas projections in 2018, was used in numerous locations, both in Italy and abroad, including the prestigious Piazza del Duomo in both Milan and Trento.

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The projector is known for being incredibly bright and at the same time compact and manageable. The specialist online lighting magazine published an in-depth article field-testing our top-of-the-range projector.

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This year, Goboservice updates its range of projectors for big-scale outdoor Christmas projections, available for both sale and rental, introducing the LED DIVUM series and renewing the GOLUX1000.


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For 2019, the entry level projector for Christmas projections is the well-known GOLIVE series, consisting of projectors that guarantee good brightness, ease of use and low energy consumption, albeit at extremely competitive prices. The dynamic effect for the projection of various Christmas effects such as falling snow or stars involves replacing the animation disc with the use of a magnet.



Gobo Projector Golux 1000

For the second year in a row The GOLUX series of projectors is number one for Christmas projections, selected for its extreme brightness, efficiency and versatility.

The 2019 "GOLUX PLUS" series, available from September, is fruit of the spirit of innovation of the Goboservice Research and Development team, whose primary objective is to improve performance without compromising on energy consumption. So, the same 1000W MSR Gold light source is used, but with double the brightness, making GOLUX PLUS the brightest and the most efficient projector in the Christmas projectors category.

The gobo changer kit is managed via the free app -available for iOS and Android- which allows you to set the DMX address and create numerous scenes with different sequences and projection times for each gobo.

The GOLUX Christmas projector thus stands out for its:

  • maximum brightness: high efficiency optical system that makes the most of the   92,000 lumens from the 1000W MSR Gold light source.
  • zoom from the wide range that allows the projector to be used both from long distances (up to 800 metres) and from short   distances.
  • light weight: aluminium body and electronic ballast result in a weight of only 15kg.

Christmas projection video with GOLUX1000


divum projectorLED Christmas Projector DIVUM is a high-efficiency outdoor LED projector with IP 54 protection degree.

Equipped with a LED light source of 32,000 lumens and optics of extraordinary brightness and definition, it is the ideal projector for permanent Christmas projections on buildings, churches and monuments, thanks to a uniform and luminous beam that allows you to project from up to 50 meters away.

Among its rivals in the category of Christmas LED projectors, it clearly stands out in terms of brightness, ranking first in terms of efficiency.

Each Christmas projector can be configured with a wide range of accessories such as rain cover, interchangeable lenses, pole or wall mounting bracket, beam shaper and prismatic lens along with others. 

For more information on Christmas projector please visit our dedicated page.

All Goboservice projectors are manufactured in Italy and are equipped with the HDP system (HighDichroPerformance) for maximum exploitation of light emitted by the lamp, allowing high performance with low energy consumption.