As part of any work activitythere may be different types of dangers to health and physical safety of workers.

Industrial and warehousing facilities face the challenge of safely planning pedestrian and vehicle traffic, such as traffic signs and routes and highlighting safety features on walls, floor or machinery.

Tape, paint, and adhesive safety labels are commonly used for this type of signage, but they can fade, especially in areas of high foot traffic or be covered by machinery grease and poor lighting conditions make it hard for workers to distinguish the fading signage.

This requires repeated expenses for repainting or remarking, risking, otherwise, the injury of a worker or visitor.

There is a more reliable and cost effective way to keep your workers safe: Projected Safety Signage.

Even under the most stressful conditions,  Projected Safety Signage doesn't fade, is easily visible and can be projected on almost any surface.

Instead of constantly replacing old signage, projected signage only requires an image projector  and a gobo (a glass filter on which the image to be projected is laser-etched). 
The gobo is placed inside the projector, comparable to a slide but far more durable and high temperature resistant. The projector is installed close to the projection area, such as the ceiling. Your chosen safety message is then projected onto the appropriate surface, clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions.

SIGNUM led goboprojectors safety signage

The advantages of this new solution are:

  • High durability - No fade and tear from foot traffic.
  • More cost effective - No need for repainting or new safety labels.
  • Highly visible - Draw more attention because it is an active projection.
  • Easily interchangeable – Switch the projector off and simply replace the gobo when you need to project new signage.


List of available projectors

List of gobos

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