Even the most sophisticated workplace may hold various risks to the health and physical safety of the employees.

Tape, paint, and adhesive safety labels are commonly used for this type of signage, but they can fade, especially in areas of high foot traffic, or be covered by machinery grease and poor lighting conditions make it hard for workers to distinguish the fading signage. These require frequent and costly repainting otherwise the safety of workers and visitors are put in jeopardy. There is a more reliable and cost-effective way to keep your workers safe: Projected Safety Signage.

pedestrian crossing

So how does it work?

The projected signage requires an image projector (a gobo-projector) and the image itself (a gobo).

The gobo, which is placed inside the projector, is like a slide but much more durable. The projector is mounted on the ceiling or wall and the security sign is projected onto the surface, meaning it is clearly visible even in low light conditions.

The advantages of this relatively new solution are:

  • High durability - No fade and tear from foot traffic.
  • More cost-effective - No need for repainting or new safety labels.
  • Highly visible - Draw more attention because it is an active projection.
  • Easily interchangeable – Switch the projector off and simply replace the gobo when you need a new sign

Goboservice Signum and Divum LED projectors would work great for this type of projection.

divum projectorsignum

The choice should be based on the distance, size of the projected sign and the brightness of the environment.

There is a possibility of using different lenses with either model. Our photometric diagrams show the size of the projection and the level of brightness generated by the projector at a certain distance.

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List of available projector models

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