Projectors 100% Made in Italy

We produce high-efficiency, high-brightness projectors for all kinds of applications.

Projectors 100% Made in Italy

We produce high-efficiency, high-brightness projectors for all kinds of applications.

High efficiency and brightness projectors

We design and manufacture high-efficiency, high-brightness projectors for all kinds of applications.
We make and distribute worldwide only 100% made-in-Italy projectorsthat are easy to maintain and install.

Goboservice has among its founding values a commitment to environmental issues. For this reason, each projector model is always designed with great attention to energy efficiency. Our headlamps are particularly distinguished by the best-performing lumen/watt ratio in their class.

The Divum 30k, for example, is an LED projector with a power consumption of only 250W, capable of illuminating with static or dynamic themes an area as large as 200 square meters .

An environmentally friendly and intelligent way to give light to decorative projects of various kinds, while safeguarding the environment: in fact, LED lighting significantly reduces the total use of energy, and thus carbon dioxide emissions, making a concrete contribution to combating climate change.

It is a powerful and versatile projector thanks to its 600W LED and 8°- 52° photo zoom.

By far the brightest, most versatile and efficient architectural projector on the market today. With its 93,000 lux at 5 meters and very powerful Zoom (9° – 53°), it can be used for both very long distance projections (even over 1km) and very wide projections at short distances.

Divum 30K is an LED projector with outstanding performance thanks to the powerful 25,500-lumen COB LED ideal for bright projections over medium distances.

The new Divum 30K Plus adds to the recognized qualities of the standard version two new optical options that meet the demands of the mapping and architectural markets.

It is an LED projector  which, thanks to the innovative construction methodology  patented   combines very high performance  and a sleek, compact design . In fact, the Signum with its mere 6 kilograms in weight and 50 W of power, achieves  light performance equal to that  of much larger projectors with higher power consumption.  The absence of fans and IP65 rating also allow use in dust-rich industrial environments or outdoors for extended periods, with an LED life of 50,000 hours.


It is an ultra-compact LED gobo projector equipped with the latest 20 W LED, designed to enhance most indoor spaces and capable of creating intense emotions through images. Extremely easy to use, thanks to the unique gobo housing system (patent pending) that allows the gobo to be introduced, replaced and oriented without having to open the projector body, it combines versatility with high aesthetic impact and small size. Symp is the perfect solution for decorative or functional lighting in museums, sports arenas, shopping malls, as well as architectural details in hospitality and retail. Available in wall or binary versions, ready for DALI 2 and in two different optical configurations (30° and 24°). SYMP makes indoor gobo projection an exciting new lighting solution.


Three reasons to choose our projectors

High efficiency

Our projectors stand out for the excellent ratio between brightness and lamp power.

Image quality

Lenses with anti-reflective coating and quality optics ensure sharp images every time.

Low consumption and running costs

The high luminous efficiency of our projectors allows reduced consumption even for prolonged use. The low price of the lamps (about one third of the cost of the lamps of a video projector) allows low running costs.


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Our products

Goboservice produces customized gobos and low-power, high-brightness projectors that illuminate buildings, streets and businesses around the world.

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Can be used on all the most powerful projectors and moving heads on the market.


High Efficiency, anti-glare lenses, sharp images, low consumption.


Our dichroic filters with 16 standard colors available in various formats.


We design and build lighting events with customized gobos and high brightness projectors, for entertainment, culture and advertising, thanks to the support of reliable and competent technicians and installers.


After a detailed analysis of the idea and material provided to us by the client, we are able to offer comprehensive support in both creative and technical terms.


During the design phase we provide the customer with dimensional and quantitative calculations, realistic renderings and any indication that can help make the final projection a success.


A team consisting of designers, architects and engineers is on hand during the implementation and after-sales phases to offer the customer and installer all-around support.

The opinion of our customers

Our customers choose us because we only produce Italian products, for our customer service and for the performance of our gobos and projectors.

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