Projectors for advertising projections

We project logos, texts or promotional images, both indoors and outdoors, onto walls, floors, ceilings and numerous other types of surfaces.

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For advertising projections, we recommend that you choose the Divum.


divum projector

Extraordinary performance thanks to the brand new 30,800 Lumen COB LED.
Ideal for bright and shiny Christmas projections.


An example of the countless advertising uses that can be done with our projectors.

University of Paris

goboproiezione goboproiettore gobos divum30k univeristà di parigi proiezione logo

The small LED projector, the DIVUM 30K +, with only 200W is able to create large projections with clear and bright images. In this case it was requested to project the logo of the University of Paris at a size of 20 meters on the facade of one of the buildings of the Faculty of Medicine.


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