From Sept. 8-10, 2023, Lucignano, a medieval jewel set in Arezzo’s Valdichiana, hosted the 15th edition of the National Festival of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.”

The municipality led by Mayor Roberta Casini served as an evocative scenic backdrop to the annual eventorganized by the association of the same name chaired by Fiorello Primi, providing impeccable logistical and organizational support to the delegations from all Italian regions thanks to the active contribution of the municipality staff coordinated by Councillor Stefano Cresti.

Cultural meetings, discussions and moments of discussion and reflection on the theme of sustainability declined in different areas but all converged on the custody and promotion of small Italian villages, authentic identity presidia of our two-thousand-year-old culture.

The club of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”-as general director Umberto Forte pointed out-is gaining more and more authority in promoting the cultural heritage, identity and beauty of our country.

proiezioni architetturali Lucignano 1

The Cassero Tower, the emblem of the festival, was illuminated with the event logo, creating an unforgettable image in the heart of Lucignano

This festival represented a unique opportunity for the participants, as it allowed them to illustrate and tell the excellences of their respective territories, including through visual representations, with the aim of publicizing and disseminating aspects related to the traditions and local history of the most interesting villages, present in every region of Italy.

The festival was a moment to share the iconic value of which the villages are repositories and, at the same time, an opportunity to bring out the civic commitment that characterizes the many small communities in our country, to hand down the cultural heritage to the next generations who want to continue to live in the inland areas of the country to the tourists who in increasing numbers are looking for places capable of combining authenticity, art and quality of life.

gobo dicroico 1

The words of the famous writer Fabrizio Caramagna, were projected on Porta San Giusto, the main entrance to the village

In this context, Goboservice – deeply Italian company with over 20 years of industry experience Of the gobo projections- provided cooperation come sponsor association’s technical, contributing to make the village even more also fascinating thanks to the invaluable help of All Events Solutions, the partner Who was responsible for the installation of the projectors

The company has always used dichroic gobos and LED projectors to create visual effects that match the sites’ architecture without compromising its integrity. This visual narrative enhanced the “SpiritusLuci-gnanus,” communicating harmonious, soft and delicate perceptions and sensations in an immediate way to all visitors attending the event.

gobo proiezione 1

The coats of arms of the region of Tuscany and the municipality of Lucignano were projected in Piazza San Francesco

Also on this occasion, Goboservice wanted to offer participants the opportunity to experience the communicative potential of light with architectural projections and static mapping capable of exciting visitors, enhancing the historical and architectural heritage of the village. In fact, a passion for art and culture has always guided the company toward new opportunities such as those offered in art centers scattered throughout Italy.

gobo proiettori 2

The side of the collegiate church of St. Michael was enhanced with the projection of the golden tree, an iconic symbol of Lucignano

As highlighted in the opening conference, Goboservice is committed, to providing communities, with machines that are increasingly high-performing in terms of energy savings, ease of use and lighting efficiency. In an effort to combine attention to tradition and openness to innovation, our research team is constantly striving to optimize product manufacturing processes, always keeping a watchful eye on reducing environmental impact, lower production waste generation, a lower consumption of energy resources and to lower waste and CO2 production.

The 15th National Festival of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy,” in short, was an extraordinary opportunity not only to celebrate the beauty and richness of Italian villages but also to create new synergies aimed at promoting this historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

i borghi piu bell d italia

President Fiorello Primi, Giuseppe Dedola (Goboservice), Councilor Stefano Cresti, Giorgio Gatto Costantino (Goboservice)

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