On April 25-27, Goboservice participated with its partner “Forklift Safety Systems” at LogiMAT -Messe, at Messe Stuttgart in Stuttgart, the largest international trade fair for intralogistics solutions.

The event was a unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations in the field of intralogistics and meet with professionals in the field.The fair was a must-attend event for all companies interested in improving the efficiency of their workplaces and optimizing related daily operations.

Goboservice attended the event by setting up its own booth where the company’s qualified personnel were able to present innovative products designed to improve safety in industrial environments. In particular, demonstration applications of the functions offered by Signum projectors were presented, including the use of control boxes, which allow remote activation of the devices.

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Goboservice projectors are known for their superior reliability, accuracy, and ease of use, making them leaders in the projected signage market and a popular choice among professionals. The technology achieved by Goboservice allowed visitors to be shown newly developed equipment capable of projecting safety signals, with precision and clarity in any lighting condition, for accident prevention and improved worker safety.


More generally, the international trade fair, LogiMAT – Messe, offered a comprehensive market overview and competent knowledge transfer among industry professionals and guests attending the event. Representatives of the companies were able to touch the quality of the products and verify the concrete usefulness of the results.

The Goboservice team was pleased to have the opportunity to present its solutions to such a large audience, including some of its most important European partners: Warehouse Safety Solutions Presented by Meon Ltd and CRÉLIGHT illuminations.

At the end of this interesting experience, we are confident that the fair has achieved its aims: to enable companies to confront the latest in intralogistics solutions and to enable companies to address, with greater awareness, the objectives of managing workplace efficiency processes to the benefit of productivity and safety.


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