Empoli proiezione natalizia

Also this year, Goboservice, on the occasion of the Christmas festivities, carried out numerous architectural projections in various Italian cities, providing its contribution in the conception, production and installation of new designs, using increasingly high-performance and technologically sophisticated projectors.

Notable illuminations include the cities of Empoli, Cortona, Rho, Lovere, Udine, Udine, Siena, Oltre Il Colle, Sirmione, Vigevano and Alba, where lights, colors and artistic mapping forms enhanced the magic of Christmas.

Empoli: a gift of light

In the Tuscan city, Goboservice, created a graphic design with refined luminous textures that, recalling refined patterns inspired by gift cards, animated the buildings of Piazza della Vittoria and Piazza della Farinata degli Uberti.

The goboprojections, have been placed with the cooperation of the company “All Events Solutions, a technical partner specializing in the installation of state-of-the-art lighting sets and instrumentation, and will be available to the public until Jan. 7, 2024.

The screenings were part of the cultural programming promoted by the municipality and entitled “Empoli City of Christmas.” Brightly colored architectural projections evoke the universal values of giving and gratuitousness in a festive and romantic atmosphere.


Cortona: “Christmas of Stars”

Large light projections mellowed the facades of the town’s main buildings in Republic Square. The downtown areas were covered by a review of attractions and performances, titled “Christmas of Stars.”

Thanks to Goboservice’s graphic design, the buildings welcomed light games with which both she images of Etruscan bronzes kept in the Cortona Museum and sacred ones concerning the well-known painting “The Annunciation of Cortona” by Beato Angelico were reproduced.

The mapping was realized thanks to the input provided by the company “All Events Solutions” – which specializes in providing light projection installation services – and will be enjoyed until next Jan. 7.


Rho: a Christmas of symbols and solidarity

In Rho, the company “C.E. Cattaneo” implemented the project proposed by artist Costanza Favero, turning Christmas lighting into a work of art. Drawings of winged figures-symbolically bearing gifts to the city-were projected onto the facade of St. Victor’s Church, the City Hall tower and Largo Mazzini. Goboservice, for the occasion, contributed by providing its own gobos and projectors that were placed by the partner company’s installation specialists. The project emphasized how Christmas is a time to care for each other and an opportunity to bring light and warmth to those around us.

The mapped projections made thanks to the instrumentation provided by Goboservice also carried positive messages and values for these holidays.


Lovere: the “Village of Light” with Bruno Bozzetto

Lovere has become “The Village of Light” thanks to Goboservice and the collaboration with famous animator Bruno Bozzetto. The most iconic characters from his cartoons, dressed in Christmas outfits, brought cheer to important city spaces such as Piazza Tredici Martiri, Piazza Garibaldi, Palazzo Tadini and Piazza V. Emanuele.

The striking artistic-scenic lighting covered elevations and city areas totaling more than 10,000 square meters.

The realization of the project also took place thanks to the help provided by “C.E. Cattaneo” and “Valgroup,” companies specializing in the installation of electrical systems and goboprojections, which took care of the assembly of the lighting equipment du Goboservice (more than 30 Divum 50k led projectors).

The official lighting ceremony took place on November 25, and the installation will remain active until January 7.


Udine: an explosion of lights and colors

The company “The Lights” -which deals with the creation of artistic events-lighted up the Loggia del Lionello, Palazzo D’Aronco, Matteotti Square, the Castle and the Station with modern experimental Christmas projections. Projectors and gobos were provided by Goboservice.

Cooperation between the two partners made it possible to present light mapping proposed in a modern key, enhancing the architectural lines of the buildings and enveloping the city in a magical, fairy-tale atmosphere.

“The Lights” used as many as 30 Goboservice projectors of different models to realize these projections.


Siena: a harmony of light and tradition

In Siena, Goboservice helped create a perfect atmosphere between history and festivity. Mapped projections and illuminations involved Piazza del Campo, dialoguing in harmony with historic buildings of undisputed cultural and artistic significance.

The cooperation with the partner company “All Events Solutions” proved to be successful, thanks to the professionalism of its technicians during the installation of lighting devices.

Goboservice proved once again that it is a benchmark in the world of architectural projections, transforming the city into a true light show.

The magic of Goboservice’s projections made the streets of Siena even more special places.

Goboservice used 14 Divum 50k projectors, thanks to which the lines of the elevations of the ancient buildings, were traced by vivid white lights in a dreamy and surreal atmosphere.


Over The Hill: the winter season lights up.

In the charming village of Oltre Il Colle, the winter season opened with a light and color show, thanks to architectural mapping curated by Goboservice.

Beginning on December 8, Immaculate Conception Day, the village shone with a special light, also marking the official start of the skiing career. With this initiative, carried out with the technical support of the company “C.E. Cattaneo,” the small Lombardy town experienced an artistic experience that contributed to the tourist promotion of the locality.

Oltre Il Colle_proiezione_mappata_Goboservice

Sirmione: “Tourism of the roots”

The Municipality of Sirmione, in collaboration with the Lombardy Regional Museums Directorate, the Scaliger Castle Directorate, the company “Chic Technology Evening” and with Goboservice, has joined the Roots Tourism project: the Scaliger Castle illuminated with roots has thus become, a symbolic beacon capable of calling travelers back to their origins. A bright invitation to return to rediscover Italian history, art and culture, starting with a place of unique charm such as Sirmione.

Goboservice provided 3 Golux Plus projectors that, although no longer in production, are available and frequently requested for rental, as they are particularly high performance due to their powerful zoom, suitable for large architectural and Christmas projections. In fact, the zoom allows the projector to be used from both long distances (up to 800 meters) and short distances.

Throughout the holiday season, those who come to Sirmione in the evening and night hours will find the majestic Rocca Scaligera illuminated by a particularly striking and evocative graphic motif: an interweaving of luminous roots that symbolically refer to our deepest values and our origins. In fact, Sirmione can boast a thousand-year history of human testimony, from the Neolithic pile-dwellings to the extraordinary Roman remains of the Catullus caves, from the medieval jewel represented by the Scaliger Castle to the more recent history that has seen an impetuous development of tourist hospitality and food and wine-related activities.

The exciting and original lighting of the Scaliger Castle, combined with the other illuminations spanning the entire area, will welcome and accompany tourists and visitors, on the longest nights of the year.


Vigevano: Christmas with special effects

The company “C.E. Cattaneo,” which specializes in the business of electrical installation and projection services, made mappings thanks to Goboservice support during the holiday season.

The realization of the event was, in fact, possible thanks to the supply of gobos and projectors by Goboservice.

The initiative was desired by the City of Vigevano in the person of Mayor Andrea Ceffa and Cultural Councillor Riccardo Ghia, with the intent d to promote opportunities for tourists and residents to meet and be interested.

The staging of the light projections, covered the Duomo, the arcades of Ducale Square and the Bramante Tower, illuminated in the yellow-blue colors of the city’s basketball team, playing in the A2 series, made more appreciable by the diffusion of background music, themed.

The goboprojectors used for the occasion, did not disappoint expectations: the use of 8 Divum 50k and 4 GoLux 1000 were sufficient to ensure immersive mapping and dynamic effects, confirming the expected results, the result of Goboservice’s growing research and innovation activity.

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