The effectiveness of Goboservice-branded projections in the characteristic historic centers of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” has been confirmed once again in Boville Ernica, a pretty town in the province of Frosinone whose oldest roots date back to the 10th century BC. C.

In this charming location of the lower Lazio region loaded with charm, the organization of events To Be brought to life in late April the second edition of “Spring Fest,” an artistic, playful and food and wine format that was much appreciated by residents and visitors who crowded the village streets and all other urban spaces where moments of entertainment and sharing had been organized.


Live music, DJ sets and street performers provided moments of magic for young and old in an atmosphere made even more exciting by the vivid and enveloping colors of the architectural projections carried out in the most iconic corners of the town.


To operate, the Divum 50k. The powerful projectors, top of the range in light efficiency and energy saving, were installed by partner Electro Design whose well-established experience has been instrumental in concretizing design ideas and sharing the needs of the client from the definition of images. Some of these were characterized by complex color gradients that Goboservice graphic designers had to study with special care to render them effectively in projection.


The end result repaid the effort put in: bright colors and sharp contours reported the definition of the projected image in a timely manner. Finally, the flexibility of the machines based mainly on the zoom (the widest in its category) and the efficiency of the LED light source made it possible to adapt and maximize the visual impact of the content that became, from the initial power-up, the subject of photos and selfies to be shared later on personal and organizational social channels.


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