tricolor projection

The architectural projections represented a direct and emotional reaction to the quarantine imposed for the Corona Virus. The desire to communicate and to find reassurance was expressed with identifying signs immediately recognizable from great distances. It was not just a technical question of luminous efficacy but also – or perhaps above all – the psychological need to conceptually re-elaborate the struggle between the “darkness” of the virus and the “light” of social antibodies.

Hence the multiplication of signs on the symbolic places of urban and rural communities, of civil and religious monuments, of public buildings.

The Republic Day of June 2 has become the last occasion in order of time to strengthen the sense of community in a delicate phase of transition towards a desired recovery of the social and collective life of the country.

proiezione del tricolore Cuneo
proiezione del tricolore Albaretto
proiezione del tricolore Camporgiano

In this action, the Goboservice projectors – the Divum as well as the Golux – have found ample space for application thanks to their versatility and ease of use.

The beams of light generated by the LED lamps have clearly spread the tricolor on ancient medieval towers as well as on futuristic wind turbines, on delicate and complex baroque architecture as on rational modern facades, always effectively transmitting the reassuring emotion of light.

We leave for this bright tour of Italy from Piedmont, the region where the largest light installations have been made.

TO Wedge the Civic Tower which, as Piero Camilla writes, “ with its bell it accompanied and marked all the stages of the historical journey ” of the city. And thanks to the possibilities offered by the projectors, Goboservice was further awarded the national banner for some evenings.

proiezione del tricolore Campobasso
proiezione del tricolore barolo
proiezione del tricolore ascoli

The same applies to the installations made by PLS plant engineering on the towers of other small towns in the province of Cuneo: the “Civica del Belvedere” in Mondovì (ph Tino Gerbaldo), that a Sommariva Perno and the other from the 13th century AD Albaretto della Torre.

Not to mention instead of entire castles dressed in light like that of Roddi , known to have been owned by the Pico della Mirandola family or by Barolo , in which red, already associated with the reflections of the famous wine, was also accompanied for the occasion by the white and green of the flag.

A special mention in this quick survey of Cuneo deserves the projection made in Cherasco , a country awarded with the silver medal for civil valor after the Second World War for being a “ shining example of profound faith in the values of freedom and democracy . “

That “ bright example ”Of patriotism and sacrifice has returned to shine for the most important civil festival in Italy thanks to Goboservice technology. The projectors spread the tricolor over the arch of the Belvedere, an architectural work of exquisite workmanship dating back to the 17th century (ph Tino Gerbaldo).

Proiezione tricolore campus biomedico roma
proiezione del tricolore Campus biomedico Roma
proiezione del tricolore Siena

Staying in Piedmont but moving to the province we go to San Giorgio Scarampi, a municipality not far from Asti. Here the tricolor of light has risen on the medieval tower of the village that dominates the Bormida valley from above.

We leave Piedmontese towers, fortresses and manors to make a quick trip to Veneto where Anr Impianti and NicoLed have created a lighting of great impact on a modern building, the town hall of Bridge in the Alps. In the midst of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, the projections radiated brightness, color and warmth in the cold of the high altitudes, demonstrating the effectiveness of the projectors made by Goboservice even in these particular scenarios for climatic conditions.

proiezione del tricolore Chignolo disola
proiezione del tricolore messina
proiezione del tricolore sommariva perno

From Veneto to the tormented Lombardy in the company of One Electric with Chignolo d’Isola, the Municipality in the province of Bergamo where the tricolor was projected on the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Lourdes, a building dating back to 1743. And then again the town hall of Spino d’adda in the province of Cremona and the tower of Stradella in the province of Pavia (intervention carried out by Pls Impiantistica). In this case the tricolor projection – captured by the lens of the photographer Tino Gerbaldo – highlighted the geometric peculiarities of the facades marked by long corbels, battlements and the belfry built after the collapse of the bell tower of the nearby church of San Nabore and Felice in 1834.

We go down to Central Italy and go to Tuscany where All Events Solution operated.

In the noble land of Garfagnana, a Camporgiano in the province of Lucca, a tower of the suggestive fortress that has dominated the town since 1300 has been illuminated. A little further south the same lighting was proposed to Siena , on the neoclassical building where the Municipal Police Command is located and on the modern one of the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri. Also in the province of Siena we find the projection made in Rapolano Terme on the town hall.

Four projections made in the province of Arezzo with the versatile Golux: ad Anghiari the ancient walls of the small village made famous by Leonardo Da Vinci with one of his paintings were illuminated with the tricolor; to Foiano Della Chiana the shrine of Santo Stefano della Vittoria erected by Vasari in the second half of the 1500s and an ancient tower in the historic center; to Bibbiena , the ultra-modern headquarters of the Baraclit company, a leader in the construction of prefabricated buildings in reinforced concrete.

proiezione del tricolore Ponte delle alpi
proiezione del tricolore divum led goboservice roddi
proiezione del tricolore cherasco 1

Particular is the projection made in the province of Perugia, a Spello . Here, instead of the tricolor, a mosaic of light was created with the symbols of the city. In fact, the logo of the “Spello nel cuore” charity initiative, produced by the designer Milk Graphic, was projected on the consular door. The powerful Goboservice projectors have refined the ancient and severe walls of the structure with the colors and lines designed by the creative to communicate the Spellan identity.

From Tuscany to the Marche with the lighting created by the company ALG ad Ascoli Piceno whose historic center, built almost entirely in travertine, is among the most admired in Central Italy. The Goboservice projectors were switched on in the Renaissance Piazza del Popolo – considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy – to illuminate the beautiful and austere Palazzo dei Capitani.

In nearby Molise two projections for as many diametrically opposite sites: those made by Mp Project a Campobasso , a city awarded by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage with the title of “village of considerable historical interest” where the facade of the Savoy theater and those on the futuristic wind towers of theEnel Green Power production plant on the border with Abruzzo. On the site, as explained by Franco Grosso, manager of the partner company Elettroluce, it was possible to “ make the colors of national unity and solidarity clearly visible, the founding values of our country (…) “. This is thanks to the concentrated and powerful beams of the Golux Plus floodlights.

A symbolic place of the fight against Covid 19 is that of Biomedical Campus of Rome . Here, too, the medical staff were able to admire the national symbols projected by Elettrodesign on the main building of the Campus, reviewing in them the sacrifices and commitment of an entire community of doctors and scientists committed to withstanding the pandemic impact.

proiezione del tricolore San Giorgio Scarampi
proiezione Del Tricolore Mondovi
proiezione del tricolore Stradella

Our carousel of light ends at Messina where the university building was illuminated by the partner Messina Audio Service, whose late floral style was further embellished with the projection of national colors.

From the Dolomites to the Porta della Sicilia, the Goboservice projectors had the honor of projecting the synthetic and harmonizing idea of a nation onto the many different communities, large and small, which make up its backbone.

This is the lively and profound essence of made in Italy in which we proudly believe. This is the force that pushes us to move forward with social responsibility.

proiezione del tricolore SRT
proiezione tricolore su facciata covid campus roma goboprojector
proiezione del tricolore Enel Campobasso