Goboservice, through a partership with Dutch distributor Distrixs, recently held screenings in the Netherlands of the photo of a woman who disappeared some six years ago, the victim of a still unsolved murder. The large-scale images were projected thanks to the technical specifications (including, the high quality of the images, even over long distances), of the Golux goboprojector, on several buildings in the southeastern part of Amsterdam, with the aim of holding the entire community accountable regarding the murder of Rosleny Magdalena.


The images, at the behest of the family members, were supplemented with a few sentences inviting, anyone with knowledge of news useful in bringing out truth about the affair, to make them known, for the identification of the perpetrator of the murder.

The decision to resort to large-scale projections over an entire large urban area was conceived because of the special popularizing scope that this mode of communication is able to convey, especially because of the immediacy of the emotional and emotional impact with a language that speaks directly to consciences.

In fact, the event was widely covered in the press and on social media, involving thousands of people.

This, beyond the production and distribution aspects, was a source of pride for the company, as it was involved in an act of outreach and confident that it had contributed to an operation with human value.