During the cold, dark winter months in Sweden, creating a cozy and cheerful environment can become a challenge. Nevertheless, the city of Strangnas in Sodermland County has found a creative solution to this problem by using colorful gobo-projections by Goboservice in its main square, Gyllenhjelmstorget.

The main goal of the project was to be able to create a particularly welcoming environment for children. Indeed, the bright colors and eye-catching images were appealing, especially to young children, who were intrigued and enchanted by the charm of the animated and colorful environment.

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Thanks to the work of Swedish partner Effektjus, 21 units of the Signum product were installed on a number of poles in the yard at Gyllenhjelmstorget, with different graphics on a seasonal basis, thanks to high-resolution gobos produced by our company.

Goboservice’s projections, have transformed Gyllenhjelmstorget into a lively and inspiring place where citizens can enjoy a variety of colors, images and light effects. The specially designed and eye-catching lighting not only enabled the residents of Strangnas to benefit from a more cheerful and inviting environment during the cold winter months, but also gave them the opportunity to enjoy a totally original experience: unique lighting technology, artistic effects and design.

Strangnas gobos

Image projection on public spaces is a simple but effective solution for creating unique and memorable experiences. Strangnas’ project became a great success and gave new life to Gyllenhjelmstorget.

Thanks to a high-quality image projection system, residents and tourists alike will be able to enjoy engaging and exciting visual spaces throughout the year. Bright colors and eye-catching images can create an especially welcoming environment for children. In addition, the graphics can be easily changed according to the seasons or whatever event you wish to celebrate. What makes transforming public spaces with projected images so popular is that it is an inexpensive way to transform and renovate a space. There is no need to resort to particularly significant budgets and resources to create a unique and engaging environments.

Strangnas’ solution is an excellent example of this: technology can be used to create a cozy environment even in the coldest months.

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