Mapping gobo projection

15 Golive400, Golux1000 and Golux600 were installed around the Rocca di Vignola (Mo) for an ambitious project involving the virtual restoration of the walls. The project was promoted by the Vignola Foundation, and meant that, from July to December 2018, the numerous visitors to the castle could appreciate the frescoes as they would have originally looked, colours included. The initiative is part of a broader project entitled “Sogno o son d’Este” which aims to “bring to light and spread the figurative complex that characterised numerous architectures in various places linked to the Casa d’Este”.

The operation was based on historical  study and research work combined with accurate technical and scientific investigations (including 3D laser scanner surveys of buildings, architectural orthophotos made with drones and detailed orthophotos obtained with the gigapixel technique). It required the creation of numerous gobos for both the initial mapping phase and the final projections.

Proiezione gobo griglia mapping
Installazione gobo proiettori

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