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The city of Bergamo is dressed in color with the help of our projectors.

On the occasion of the second edition of the Festival “Storie ad Acquerello” held in Bergamo on Sept. 23-25, our company was involved in the event that engaged more than 20 artists, including authors and illustrators, in workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions and signacopies in exciting activities related to the watercolor painting technique. The event was also an opportunity for discussion in the city’s cultural circuit among the representatives of the institutions who attended.

Goboservice from Sept. 12 to 25 illuminated the facade of the Accademia Carrara, one of the venues that hosted the festival, through the projection of the festival’s concept, through the technique of architectural mapping. The result achieved was excellent as the company succeeded in adding value to the event, both in the design phase and in the meticulous care of the installation operations.

The choice of images and colors was designed and implemented in perfect harmony with the purpose of the event. The result was an atmosphere between fantasy and reality that, thanks to the aid of lights that were at times delicate and at times powerful, evoked and remarked on the leitmotif of the event, giving participants a visual communication in line with the magic of the play of water and color typical of the watercolor technique.

For the occasion, we relied on the potential of the Divum 50K, a powerful and versatile projector, capable-thanks to its technical features-of ensuring high-level performance, even at a distance and outdoors, with dynamism, precision and flexibility.

The festival was conceived and curated by Bergamo-based illustrator Laura Cortinovis. The event was organized by making use of Sponsor companies in the international arena and in collaboration with the Bergamo-based cultural association Mm Spazio Cam and the online store Momarte, an official partner of the event. In addition to the Carrara Academy, the Festival was hosted at the Botanical Garden and the Sant’Andrea Tetro.

The service provided, on this occasion, by Goboservice adds to the many experiences already realized in the city of Bergamo and has allowed the company to promote and consolidate its visibility and professionalism, also with a view to new future projects.

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