mapping st.patrick day goboservice

The small Irish town of Carlow, famous for its many historical sites, hosted a mapping made sa Goboservice, thanks to the use of two Divum 50K projectors.

The event took place on a day particularly felt by citizens on “
St. Patrick’s day
” (which is celebrated on March 17, the date of his death), is indeed a holiday not only for the town of Carlow but for the entire Irish community, as the patron saint of the Republic of Ireland.

Goboservice took care of the entire project, including through the conception of the artistic designs and images.

The screening involved thousands of people. The details of the projection were carefully planned to provide an unforgettable experience: gobos illuminated the entire building with a shower of colors, adding a touch of elegance to the festive day.

What made the projection most meaningful was the reference to the image of the clover, a symbol of the island of Ireland, attributed to St. Patrick (who apparently used this particular plant to explain the mystery of the Trinity to the Irish faithful) and the green color (a color that has always been linked, in the collective imagination, to Ireland, which, according to Irish folklore, is the favorite color of fairies); these references, gave the projection particular character and communicativeness, due to the explicit historical and cultural references, a reason for a great sense of belonging and pride for the Irish people. Due in part to these nuances, the success of the event was truly amazing.

The event was realized with the partnership of the Irish corporate group specializing in lighting “Fantasy Lights“, a leading distributor in the industry.

Thanks to the collaboration between Goboservice and Fantasy Lights, St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated with due care and respect for the traditions of the Celtic people.

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