divum projector

The first batch of new Divum projectors has passed the cold test..…with flying colours! The Lithuanian agency Baltas Daznis put their trust in Goboservice to create a highly evocative scenario in collaboration with the Creative Dock agency, and they weren’t disappointed.

The municipal administration of Vilnius last year announced a competition reserved for innovative projects which aimed to embellish public zones of the city. 30 proposals were submitted, from which the Commission selected the 4 which were most convincing. One of these is the Vilnius Illuminated Legend Park, based on an idea by ​​Simonas Eismontas.

At the “Pasaku Park” (the fairytale park), Divum projectors were used to revive ten legendary figures in the national history of the Baltic country. The architectural projections were used to give new life to an urban-suburban area that risked degradation in a territorial marketing operation with a strong cultural value.

This was a really difficult test for the new architectural projectors. The prolonged time in the woods and exposure to the wind with temperatures well below zero, represented an excellent field test. The IP 54 degree of protection of the machines was thus certified in an environmental context.

The aim of the project was to attract citizens and tourists to the park to raise awareness of the city’s history. The full-colour gobos were the winning innovative solution. The Goboservice graphic designers reproduced the high-resolution figures, also applying the necessary distortions to allow diagonal projection onto the paths.

The gobo projectors were easily camouflaged among the trees thanks to their light weight and the reduced dimensions, which allowed positioning in all the points provided along the paths of the natural space.

The scenic effect was much appreciated as coloured shapes suddenly appeared on the snow or the fronds as people walked along the tracks towards the observation point. Equipped with high-efficiency LEDs and a photographic quality optics, they created the most evocative figures of Vilnius legends through perfectly uniform light beams.

Each screening was flanked by an informative totem in Lithuanian and in English giving a brief description of legend. In this way, visitors to the park could not only admire the projections but also find out more about the most famous stories of the city.

Eglė Belozaraitė, the spokesperson for the project’s creative team, highlighted that the projections created specifically for Vilnius helped to change the atmosphere of the park. “The aim of the project was to revitalize one of the central areas of the district, making it attractive for years to come through an innovative form of cultural entertainment”.

The long life (up to 50 thousand hours) of the LED lamps will allow prolonged use of the projectors. In this regard, Simon Kušlys, author of lighting solutions, is convinced that the gobos projected in the summer will have a different appearance. “During the winter, the projections are perfectly visible in the snow, and in the summer we will see a completely different image, so visitors will be interested in returning to the park to see them projected on the grass or trees.”


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