At the beginning of the transmission of the sequel to one of the most anticipated programs of the year, the PLAY International association has decided to exploit the event for a campaign of great impact and so in collaboration with Publicis Conseil and Prodigious, has chosen to raise awareness among the spectators by proposing just what they would not want: using a Golux 1000 gobo projector  the spoilers  of “The Game of Thrones”  were projected on various emblematic places of  Paris, accompanied by a catchphrase: “If your program has been killed, it’s to let you know that inactivity kills “. PLAY International is an NGO that deals with spreading sports activity especially among young people. The NGO reminds us that “today, physical inactivity and sedentary life are the fourth highest risk factor for death in the world according to the WHO. There are 3 million deaths a year that can be avoided! Even in France we spend too much time sitting or lying down, largely due to the time spent in front of the screen, whichi n 10 years has increased from around 3 hours a day to just over 5 hours! Due to their sedentary lifestyle, the current generation could become the first to have a shorter life than the previous generation”.

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