proiezioni di segnaletica di sicurezza
Projected markings are an excellent solution for optimising work processes and preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace.
Such devices are clearly visible and luminous, immediately catching operators’ attention and offering the appropriate safeguards and protection, especially with goods handling goods and delicate product storage operations.

The well-known British logistics and distribution company Wincanton, committed to ensuring the safety of warehouse personnel and finding solutions for efficient workplace safeguarding with maximum functionality margins – recently approached  Warehouse Safety Solutions by MEON to evaluate safety system enhancement initiatives.

As Warehouse Safety Solutions by MEON has considerable experience in marketing quality innovative products, it directly took care of the planning of problem-solving installations with new high-performance safety systems.

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The agreed solution involved the positioning of the Signum projector produced by Goboservice, which, connected to a motion sensor, projects a safety signal onto the walkway leading to the warehouse premises, allowing personnel working in these spaces to be warned of any dangers in the work area and how to proceed safely.

In contrast to traditional signage, the company preferred to rely on projectors made by Goboservice due to their unique features: excellent led life (lasting up to five years), the versatility of use and placement, and excellent resistance of materials to deterioration.

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