indizazioni del cliente render goboproiezione gobos proiettore divum30k

The small LED projector with only 200W is able to create large projections with clear and bright images. In this case it was requested to project the logo of the University of Paris at a size of 20 meters on the facade of one of the buildings of the Faculty of Medicine. The customer’s requests were precise and detailed both in terms of the required result and indications on the positioning of the projector.

The Goboservice technical department was thus able to size the gobo and calculate the necessary distortion of the image, since the projector was misaligned with respect to the center of the projection. The final result was greatly appreciated by both the public and the University presidency. In energy terms, here is what the impact would have been with the use of other technologies or with traditional projectors not optimized from an energy point of view to obtain an image of the same size

gobo projection gobo projector gobos divum30k university of paris logo projection

Photo courtesy of JPierre Martinière – Université de Paris.

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