Projectors for Christmas projections

The streets, monuments and buildings of the city light up with Christmas themes even at great distances


Proiezione natalizia effetti caduta stelle Proiezione mapping natale Palazzo Gran Guardia PadovaProiezione alberi innevatii piazza Cavalli PiacenzaProiezione Natale mappaing piazza Duomo TrentoProeizeione dynamic effect Castle of FossanoProiezione babbo Natale

Udine - Project realized by The Lights

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Goboservice’s wide range of outdoor Christmas projectors, available for sale and for rent, consists of the Divum and Signum series of LED projectors and the Golux series of discharge lamp projectors. The Gobo LED projector Divum 50k, which replaces the 1000W discharge model Golux, is the perfect projector for large outdoor Christmas projections.  The wide range of Goboservice outdoor projectors for large Christmas projections also includes the Divum 30k, Divum 30k Plus LED projectors, the Signum line and the Golux discharge lamp projectors.

Used in numerous locations in Italy and abroad – among the most prestigious are Piazza del Duomo in Milan and Trento, Palazzo della Regione and Palazzo Gran Guardia in Padua, Piazza Cavalli in Piacenza, Palazzo del Popolo in Orvieto, the cities of Empoli and Alba – are appreciated for their incredible brightness and at the same time for their lightness and handling.

Mapping palazzo della Ragione, Padova


The extremely bright, efficient and versatile Divum Christmas projector series is reconfirmed as the top of the line.
Divum is the result of the spirit of innovation of the Goboservice R&D team, whose primary goal is to improve performance without affecting consumption. Divum constitutes a convenient source of illumination – in terms of energy consumption – which succeeds in providing important savings margins without affecting the quality of the luminous fluxes. Divum thus stands as the brightest and most efficient projector in the Christmas projector category.

Divum is the IP54-rated series of high-efficiency outdoor LED projectors including the Divum 30K (32,000 lumens) and Divum 50K (50,000 lumens) Zoom. The Divum 30K equipped with a 32,000 lumens Led and optics of extraordinary brightness and definition, is the ideal projector for permanent Christmas projections on buildings, churches, monuments thanks to a bright and uniform beam that allows its use even up to 50 meters away .

divum projector 1

Divum, among its rivals in the Led Christmas projector category, clearly stands out in terms of brightness, ranking first in terms of efficiency. , The Divum 50K equipped with a 50,000-lumen led, 8°-53° zoom, dmx control, image change, animation disc, is a power led projector from the highest versatility of use.

Divum 30k plus

The new Divum 30K Plus adds to the recognized quality of the standard version two new optical options that meet the demands of the market of mapping and architecture. The 140mm (12 in) is useful over distances hitherto not reachable with a level of detail and brightness unmatched and the 59mm (38.8 in) incredibly efficient over small distances and able to illuminate large areas without losing brightness.



signum projector l 300x300 1

Signum is the small but very bright LED projector, ideal for projecting individual Christmas-themed images. With a consumption of only 50W, but thanks to an extraordinary efficiency, it can be used for projections even up to 20 meters away.
IP65-rated, it can also be used for indoor projections.

proiezioni natalizie empoli


Golux Plus is the most efficient discharge projector on the market, with an incredible Zoom for increasingly spectacular large architectural and Christmas projections.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Gobo changing is managed via App, available for free for iOS and Android, which allows  to create numerous scenes with different sequences and projection times for each gobo and set the DMX address.

Christmas projection video with Golux Plus .

Proiezione natalizia caduta stelle
gobo projector golux 1000 300x300 1

The Golux Christmas effects projector is therefore distinguished by:

  • Maximum brightness: High-efficiency optical system that takes full advantage of the 92,000 lumens of the 1000W MSR Gold lamp;
  • Wide-range zoom that allows the projector to be used from both long (up to 800 meters) and short distances;
  • Lightness: Aluminum body and electronic ballast result in a weight of only 15kg.

Each Christmas projector can be configured with a rich assortment of accessories such as rain protection , interchangeable optics, pole bracket or from the wall, profiler, prismatic lens . Different effects of falling snow and falling stars on colored backgrounds are available.
Goboservice offers a brief guide to facilitate the choice of the most suitable Christmas projector model for every need
For more information on hiring Christmas projectors, contact us .

All Goboservice projectors are manufactured in Italy and are equipped with the HDP (HighDichroPerformance) system for maximum exploitation of the light emitted by the lamp which therefore allows high performance and energy savings.

Castione della Presonala

Our high-power and state-of-the-art projectors are capable of illuminating even the largest and most complex architectural spaces. Our gobos are made of high quality materials, ensuring sharp details and vibrant colors in the projections.


Our experience in the field of Christmas screenings and art mapping allows us to offer professional advice for each project. Our team of experts will help you select the projector and gobos that best suit your needs, creating unique projections.

We work closely with Italian municipalities, ensuring a perfect integration of our lighting solutions within the architectural context. We are proud to have helped transform many Italian cities into fascinating Christmas scenes and to have brought the art of light projections in prestigious buildings around the world.

Vigevano - Project realized by C.E. Cattaneo

We understand that every Christmas projection is unique, and for this reason we offer customized solutions to meet specific needs. Our experts are able to create custom gobos and design mappings that ensure a perfect correlation between the projected image and the geometric shape of the surface on which it is displayed.

Thanks to our passion for innovation, collaboration with industry experts and customization of solutions, we are ready to turn Christmas into a bright experience.

Sesto Fiorentino

mapping_architetturale_proiezione architetturale a tema natalizioproiezione_architeturaleproiezione_mappateproiezione architetturaleproiezione architetturaleproiezione_mappata


Just some of the countless lighting projects created for Christmas.



Breathe the Christmas atmosphere among the trulli of Alberobello.



Christmas arrives in Trentino by illuminating its buildings.



The center of Rovereto becomes a small Christmas village.


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