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Orvieto also celebrated the feast of St. Patrick by participating in St. Patrick’s Day and the 9th edition of Global Greening, the international event promoted by Irish Tourism to celebrate the patron saint of the island.

The Torre del Moro, another identifying monument of the city in addition to the famous well of San Patrizio, was marked with the national clover thanks to the intervention of “Grandi Proizioni”, the Arezzo company specializing in the design and construction of luminous scenographic architectures, Goboservice brand products for Tuscany.

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Easily reaching the 47 meters high of the tower built in 1300, the Goboservice projectors hoisted the nice Irish symbol on the history of one of the most beautiful views of Italy to celebrate the Patron Saint of the Emerald Isle. In this context, made even more suggestive thanks to the skilful use of light, the Municipality of Orvieto has organized an important artistic program with the patronage of the Embassy of Ireland in Italy.

The Celtic harp concert “Metamorphose” by Vincenzo Zitello took place inside the San Patrizio Well. The concert preceded the Global Greening show with the green lighting of the Orvieto well and the municipal tower in connection with hundreds of cities around the world. The whole city felt the effects of the international party atmosphere with dozens of young people intent on drinking beer and happily photographing themselves while holding the superb medieval structure wrapped in the magical green light in the background. The event, much appreciated by residents and tourists, was yet another demonstration of the effectiveness of gobo-projections in important artistic contexts in which the delicacy and fragility of the monuments require appropriate technical choices.

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