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Kandinsky, Mirò and Mondrian in Pinerolo to decorate the Christmas of the Piedmontese town with an elegance with abstract, surreal and neoplastic lines typical of the styles of the artists mentioned. Goboservice and its partner Onelectric interpreted the desire for originality of the junta chaired by the mayor Luca Salvai and his deputy with responsibility for tourism, Francesca Costarelli, accepting the idea of getting involved to create a luminous scenography at the same time innovative and Christmas .

Starting from an artistic intuition of one of the Goboservice researchers and the creative contribution of the architect Licia Bottegal, a rendering of the indicated sites enriched by full color gobos inspired by some of the most beautiful works of European masters was proposed to the administration. in the first half of the last century they wisely experimented with a new use of shapes and color.

“During this year the council has worked hard on the enhancement of modern art. We therefore thought that the rationalist style of the town hall was very well combined with Mondrian’s lines – noted the commissioner Costarelli illustrating the genesis of the project – while the concomitant exhibition of Mirò at Palazzo Chiablese (Turin) suggested this further installation in piazza Facta ” And, as an added touch on the same square that constitutes the town’s parlor, a bright Kandinsky.

A challenge accepted with enthusiasm by the R&D sector of Goboservice in which research and development are not limited exclusively to the identification of new materials or process improvements but also to the proposition of high level artistic contents. To some extent it is the same experimental research of the aforementioned artists that moves Goboservice today, with the use of its high-definition gobo-projectors, such as the Golux 1000, in an increasingly artistic key to favor the transmission of cultural messages and thus give a precise connotation to the corporate motto “we give light to your image”.

There are 8 projectors used to cover the surfaces in piazza Facta and the Municipality with the necessary power with a preventive work of very accurate study of the distances and elevations. An analysis activity carried out by Goboservice technicians to limit as much as possible any unknowns during the installation phase that would have been difficult to manage considering the rigid activation times.

The Christmas projections will be visible until 7 January on the facade of the Municipality of Pinerolo and thanks to the availability of some merchants coordinated by Paolo Folco and the To make backoffice & events agency – on the buildings of Piazza Facta integrating the work carried out by the local high school. “Let’s turn on Christmas” in fact – as the online newspaper Torino Today writes – “brings to completion a project carried out by the students of the Buniva Institute. During the past school year – as part of the “Music in the courtyards” initiative promoted by the College of Graduated Surveyors and Surveyors of Turin – the students produced a plano-altimetric survey of the city of Pinerolo, with special topographic and photographic equipment, for then provide the consequent graphic rendering of buildings that are particularly significant from a historical, artistic and architectural point of view. In this context, the classes had the opportunity to carry out a real order entrusted by the Municipality of Pinerolo to obtain the 3D relief and restitution of the facade of the Town Hall. An indispensable job, without which it would not have been possible to create the decorative projections that will animate the upcoming Christmas holidays “.

The main town of the Turin belt, a reference point for a vast surrounding area, has proposed itself to its inhabitants and visitors with this innovative guise. A particular context in which the specific Christmas events scheduled on the calendar will be held. “The intent – underlines the deputy mayor – is to stimulate citizens to see with new eyes what is beautiful in the city”. The next special event will be the one with the New Year’s Eve with the stage set up in front of the municipality to make the most of Mondrian’s luminous scenography that will surely give added value to New Year’s Eve. In the meantime, the reference hastags have gone viral and the fb page of the Municipality of “Città di Pinerolo” is dotted with appreciation and sharing.

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