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The Divum 50K, the latest addition to Goboservice, is a powerful projector (thanks to the 600W LED) and versatile thanks to the 8 ° – 52 ° photographic zoom.
The internal power supply is IP65-certified and forms an impenetrable barrier to the elements, while the IP54-rated housing remains perfectly suitable for even permanent outdoor projects, eliminating the condensation problem typical of gobo projectors rated IP65 or higher entirely. Divum ensures maximum creativity, dynamism and flexibility with a brilliant and precise reproduction of graphic designs, logos and animations. Accessories include: animation disc, shaper, 4-position image change.


Divum 50K dimension


Like every year, on January 27, we pause to make a simple but important gesture, which is “remembering.” Remembering all the victims of
Ignorance and hatred in Nazi concentration camps.
This year Cecina, a province of Livorno, became the canvas where AllEvents Solution , our official distributor for Tuscany, was able to project with the new Divum 50K from the house of Goboservice, some images bearing witness to that dark period in human history.

Orvieto with the Church of St. Andrew or the City Hall in Piazza della Repubblica and Padua a with Palazzo della Ragione with a wide 100-meter front facing Piazza della Frutta are some of the examples of how the Divum 50K can be used. Christmas architectural projections proved to be appropriate communication tools to ensure safety without sacrificing spectacularity.

Three reasons to choose our projectors

High efficiency

Our projectors stand out for the excellent ratio between brightness and lamp power.

Image quality

Lenses with anti-reflection treatment and quality optics guarantee always sharp images

Low consumption and running costs

The high luminous efficiency of our projectors allows reduced consumption even for prolonged use. The low price of the lamps (about one third of the cost of the lamps of a video projector) allows low running costs.

The opinion of our customers

Our customers choose us because we only produce Italian products, for our customer service and for the performance of our gobos and projectors.

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