Mapping Natalizio

In the 2020 context marked by the strong social limitations for Covid-19, the Christmas architectural projections have proved to be the most appropriate communication tools to guarantee safety without sacrificing the spectacular.

mapping palazzo della ragione padova golux plus

The Christmas installation “ Christmas in Padua – a city of stars ” was an example of this… sparkling .

In fact, in the center of the capital, an innovative luminous choreography was created, able to combine the surprising element of videomapping with the equally emotional one of static mapping using outdoor gobo projectors.

For this second specific service, Gobos and Golux Plus projectors from Goboservice were used for static mapping on some prestigious buildings, in particular:

  • Palazzo della Ragione with a wide front of 100 meters overlooking Piazza della Frutta where 8 Golux Plus projectors were used.
mapping statico palazzo della ragione padova golux plus 1
  • the Renaissance Loggia della Gran Guardia in Piazza dei Signori, illuminated with 2 Golux Plus floodlights
proiezione mapping natale palazzo gran guardia padova
  • the Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo Foundation in Piazza Duomo for the coverage of which 4 Golux 1000 projectors were used;
  • the monumental Ex Inps building in the square of the insurrection . Here, 4 Golux Plus projectors were used.
Proiezione mapping natalizio Palazzo Inps Padova

For the occasion, high-definition full-color gobos were created that expressed the maximum definition and brilliance of colors thanks to the effective and efficient projectors of the Golux series: machines with 1,000 watts of absorbed power equivalent to 2,500 watts of light generated, with 93,000 lux guaranteed at a distance of 5 meters thanks to the custom designed optical system.

Another feature of the Golux which proved to be very useful in the specific context of Piazza dei Signori – characterized by short projection distances – is the very powerful zoom that ranges from 9 to 53 degrees. It was sufficient to open the optics as far as possible to cover the large façade of the Loggia della Gran Guardia with just two projectors placed 20 meters away.

The positive result was certified by the images of the buildings covered with light – especially the Palazzo della Ragione – which within a few days of being switched on went viral on Instagram with enthusiastic comments from residents and passers-by.

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