Gobos and Projectors 100% Made in Italy

We offer a complete range of gobos and projectors for indoor and outdoor use, capable of projecting images, logos, signals in a variety of applications.

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All models are entirely produced in Italy.

Our products

We produce custom gobos And projectors low consumption and high definition that illuminate buildings, streets and companies from South Korea to Japan, from the United States to France.

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Can be used on all the most powerful projectors and moving heads on the market.


High Efficiency, anti-glare lenses, sharp images, low consumption.


Our dichroic filters with 16 standard colors available in various formats.

We are a company solid and innovative

Years of experience
Nations Served
Illuminated cities

A leading company in Italy, Goboservice is one of the leading companies worldwide in the production of customized gobos and gobo-projectors.
Founded in 2002, Goboservice has perfected its production technique over time, reaching high quality standards.
It has four operational offices: two in Italy, one in France and one in the United States.

The opinion of our customers

Our customers choose us because we only produce Italian products, for our customer service and for the performance of our gobos and projectors.

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News from Goboservice

Christmas projections

projectors and gobos for Christmas 2024

From Piazza del Duomo in Milan and Trento, to Palazzo Della Ragione in Padua, to Piazza Cavalli in Piacenza, for years we have been illuminating the Christmas streets, monuments and buildings from all over the world.