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An event to test live the opportunities offered by our company in terms of services and products. This was Goboservice’s DemoDay organized in collaboration with technical partner Onelectric in the picturesque setting of Villa Giavazzi in Verdello (Bg).

The inner courtyard and one of the outdoor gardens of the 19th-century mansion, usually used for meetings and ceremonies, were converted for an evening into a light showroom and enhanced with special Christmas displays that were visually striking in the quality and quantity of gobos projected. More than 30 goboprojectors were lined up inside and outside the building to make the selected audience of installers, service and public administrations understand the functionality and potential of Goboservice-branded machines.

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From the family of consolidated Golive 150, 250 and 400 to the much more powerful Golux 600 and 1000 with which not only were the wide elevations of the courtyard and facade painted with light but also special and engaging optical effects were artfully created, such as the mysterious gaze brought out from the thick foliage of one of the trees in the garden. Also making its company debut on the occasion was SunLand Optics’ latest entry: the small and versatile GoLed, designed for projecting gobos inside stores and commercial establishments and equipped with a system that allows for extremely bright images with minimal energy consumption.

But Goboservice’s D-Day served to introduce people and ideas as well as machines. That’s why the first part of the evening was reserved for a time for discussion and an in-depth look at the main issues of interest. Not only gobos then. After an introduction on the company’s history outlining the path covered in fifteen years of activity that led Goboservice to establish itself in the world of goboprojections and the “light storytelling” projects carried out and feasible in urban settings large and small, some specific topics were explored in depth to give an understanding of the characteristics of the machines and the philosophy behind them.

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With this in mind, technicians Pietro Martino and Nino Cuzzola, the souls of SunLand Optics’ “Research & Development” laboratory, exposed to the audience the features and pluses of the machines by outlining the design dynamics: from the choice of materials such as the aluminum shell that guarantees greater lightness with the same robustness, to the zoom system to improve the versatility of the projections. From the App available on the store to manage remote image change to the innovative Gobos Platinum capable of withstanding the stresses of the most powerful projectors on the market. Also: the system of concentrating the lights, securing them with filters, optics, and electronic ballast.

DemoDay proiezioni natalizie

An important contribution to the discussion was made by two other external insights, that of Alessandra Spasciani, key account manager of Philips Lighting Spa, who dwelt on the technical peculiarities of the lamps supplied with our projectors and, finally, Walter Lutzu’s “Focus on,” the field test of the Golux 1000 carried out by lighting designer and editor of the specialized magazine Ziogiorgio on the tower of the municipality of Moresco (Fermo).

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But of course it was the visual evidence that “won and convinced” the evening’s guests. Guided by Goboservice technicians, the participants walked through the spaces of the villa first outside and then inside to appreciate the beauty of the Christmas projections set up especially for the upcoming holidays, a time when these kinds of architectural applications get the most response. Thus, users and professionals in the field were able to dwell on dynamic effects, image changing, different projection distances, the light output of gobos, and the handling of projectors. Inside the courtyard additional types of projection and optical effects such as “water,” particularly appreciated for the dynamism given to the image. The real coup de théâtre was the gobo projection with Raphael’s “Madonna of the Grand Duke” on the bell tower of the parish church that towered far beyond the high perimeter of Villa Giavazzi. As technicians arrived at the villa, attention was drawn to the church’s architecture, and a projector was added to the initially planned setup. The effect went beyond expectation with the sharp lines of the painting and its warm colors that enveloped the top of the structure stimulating the curiosity of passersby as well as the appreciation of the guests. Not a simple Christmas projection then, but an iconographic reproduction of great visual and emotional effect with zero impact on the delicate ancient masonry.

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At the end of the evening, the organizers were left with the knowledge that they were able to convey to the participants the enthusiasm with which Goboservice aims to add value in terms of innovation, experimentation, originality and professionalism to the goboprojection market.

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