gobo projector golux 1000

Coinciding with the start of the broadcast of the sequel to one of the most anticipated programs of the year, the association PLAY International decided to use the event for a high-impact campaign and so in collaboration with Publicis Conseil and Prodigious, chose to raise awareness among viewers by proposing the very thing they would not have wanted: spoilers: using a Gobo projector Golux 1000 previews of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones“, accompanied by a catchphrase: “If your program has been killed, it is to let you know that inactivity kills.”. PLAY Intrenational is an NGO dedicated to spreading sports activities especially among young people. The NGO reminds us that ” today, physical inactivity and sedentary living are the fourth highest risk factor for death in the world according to WHO. That’s 3 million preventable deaths per year! In France, too, too much time is spent sitting or lying down, largely due to the time spent in front of the screen, which has increased in 10 years from 3.10 hours to 5.07 a day ! Because of the sedentary lifestyle, the current generation may be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than the previous generation.”

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